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Balance Rehabilitation Tools

Front-End Design Prototyping Tool


The front end of design is critical for product success. It includes activities such as problem identification, problem definition, requirements and specifications development, and concept generation and development. Prototypes can play important roles in front-end design work, but historical emphases on prototype use in design have been for supporting back-end design activities. This Front-end Prototyping Planning Tool was developed from research on practitioners’ use of prototypes in front-end design work to support designers in thinking about how to intentionally use prototypes to engage stakeholders during front-end design.

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Socially-Engaged Design Academy


An on-demand online learning platform coupled with an in-person, hands-on skills training with learning block coaches.

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University of Michigan Medicine Care Guides

Fall prevention information as well as instructions and videos for many different balance exercises.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, & Injuries (STEADI)

Videos and other training resources relating to fall prevention / risk reduction.

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University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center

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