Safa Jabri, Jamie Ferris, Grace Burleson, and Sean Herrera to join the Sienko Research Group as pre-doctoral candidates in Fall 2019.

The Sienko Research Group welcomes summer students Mizan Thomas (UM), Angel Bu (University of Florida), Lauren Desimone (The College of New Jersey), Kaleab Mekonen (Addis Ababa Institute of Technology), and Eyoel Wendwosen (Addis Ababa Institute of Technology).

Michael Deininger publishes paper in Research in Engineering Design about the importance of using context-specific prototyping strategies.

Marianna Coulentianos passed her Preliminary Exam and advances to candidacy – Congratulations!

Marianna Coulentianos to present at the 4th WHO Global Forum of Medical Devices in Delhi, India

Victor Le passed his qualifying exam – Congratulations!

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